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Set up your guitars action with the taylor truss rod. Taylor makes a truss rod wrench for their guitars but dont include it because they prefer you take the guitar to an authorized taylor tech to have any adjustments made. I read so much literature about adjusting an acoustic guitar truss rod through the sound sound hole that i thought this was a piece of crap because i couldnt access the adjustment screw. You can then inspect the distance between the tops of the center frets and the straight line of the taught string. Taylor gs minie western guitar with nylon strings duration. How to adjust the truss rod on your acoustic guitar youtube.

The truss rod is used to provide counter tension against the strings to keep the neck in the proper position. A truss rod is not for adjusting action haze guitars. Loosening a truss rod turning counterclockwise adds relief to. Virtually every acoustic and electric steelstring guitar built after the midseventies has an adjustable truss rod, which. It is not used for adjusting the action, this is done in later steps at the nut and bridge. One end is threaded for an adjusting nut and is accessible at either the peghead or through the soundhole. Our guitars have a truss rod adjustment that allows you to dial in the neck perfectly to your playing style and remove any buzzes and rattles. View and download taylor 110ce technical sheet online.

Loosening a truss rod turning counterclockwise adds relief to decreases tension on the neck which results in increased higher string action. Most of the designs can be put on a different cover, so if you see something you like, and need it for a different brand, please contact me. This is a valuable old guitar, so its well worth the extra effort to do what needs to be done. The truss rod is fairly rugged, so you shouldnt worry about experimenting with different adjustments. M ost guitar players are very reluctant to use the truss rod adjustment tool that comes with their guitar. I have adjusted the truss rods in my taylor s and have never waited 30 minutes.

Iirc taylor uses 12s so, going lighter or heavier could also require a slight truss rod adjustment. The amount the rod must be turned will vary according to the typequality of truss rod and amount of adjustment necessary. Guitar bass 7mm truss rod hex box nut driver wrench with 14 6. I had the original black plastic truss rod cover and replaced it with the t3 rosewood inlayed with the pearl cross. Taylor guitars perfect neck angle talk about taylor. If you feel excessive resistance during an adjustment, your truss rod. There are two main ways that the action on a guitar is typically adjusted. A small tension adjustment screw is located at the end of each tuners button that also holds the button in place. When a guitar experiences temperature and humidity swings, such as when seasons change, it can develop a slight bow in the neck that results in a guitar that plays buzzy or is suddenly much harder to fret. I did not receive a truss rod adjustment tool with the used instrument, but i probably have a tool somewhere in my garage that fits. The types of forces that act on a truss rod are compression, tension, and torque. If the truss rod is adjusted properly and theres still significant string buzz, the guitar may be getting dry, reacting to a lack of humidity.

Adjustment of action to lower the action on a flattop or classical guitar, the bridge saddle must be removed, cut down to the appropriate height and then reinstalled. If this is the case, a simple truss rod adjustment will fix it. The trick is knowing when youve got the neck the way you want it. Always retune the guitar before checking your adjustment. A neck reset takes five minutes, and will be under warranty. Custom truss rod cover shape t4 for 2hole taylor guitars. Determine if you need neck bow adjustment through truss rod adjustment. The head of the truss rod is accessed at the top of the neck or from.

However, many customers still find it hard to believe that so simple a solution as humidifying the body will fix what appears to be a grave problem with the neck. Custom truss rod cover shape t3 for 3 hole taylor guitars. Truss rods can break if too much tension is placed on an already maxed out truss rod so caution is warranted. Whilst the truss rod adjustment itself isnt necessarily going to set the action how you want it, it is. The neck of most guitars has whats known as a truss rod, which is a one or twopiece adjustable metal rod that goes down the inside of the center of the neck. A third contributing factor is the guitars nut, which plays a slightly less. Adjusting the fodera dual action truss rod the fodera dual action truss rod was designed to ensure that whether your gig finds you in alaska in january or nassau in july, your bass can be adjusted to play the same way it did the day it left our shop.

First thing i did was cut those coated pos strings off. Taylor guitar truss rod adjustment diy guitar tip youtube. The combination truss rod wrench and screw drive to remove the cover was include. Cody arsenault of musicians tuts explains how to fix an upbow and backbow in a guitars neck by making some simple diy truss rod adjustments.

Check the straightness of the neck by holding down a string at the. The truss rod on the baby taylor requires a deep well 14 nut driver with a thin wall. Taylor guitars tech sheetpage 1 symptoms of a dry guitar n. When tightened, it counteracts the tension created by the strings the strings pull. The truss rod is used to provide counter tension against the strings to keep.

I purchased a thalia custom truss rod cover for my taylor acoustic guitar and it looks great. It will dispel the urban legends surrounding adjusting a truss rod. It seems that there is an unspoken rule that truss rod adjustments can only be performed by professionals with years of experience. Guitar truss rod adjustment guide which way to turn. Any advices for maintenance and setup of a new taylor. Turn the truss rod nut counterclockwise to counteract this condition. We make every fodera out of some of the longestaged, quality instrument tonewood on the planet. Proper use of the truss rod enables you to balance the tension on the neck and adjust the amount of bow to fit your playing style. I dont remember the size but im pretty sure it was an sae not metric.

A truss rod is an adjustable metal rod that sits inside of the neck, underneath the fingerboard. Taylor guitars perfect neck angle talk about taylor youtube. I showed the most important tool to use, the 14 truss rod wrench which is 6. Adjusting the truss rod with the instrument tuned to pitch will allow us to gauge our progress and continue rechecking relief before making further adjustments. The truss rod adjustment is found at the top of the neck usually just above the nut. The 12step guide to electric and acoustic guitar setup. The action and neck relief of a new guitar is expected to shift a bit in the first few weeks or months of the guitars life unless a custom action was specified, we set our new guitars at 23, so 332nds on the bass side, and 232nds on the treble side, prior to shipping. Any budding musician who wants to invest in a guitar, whether acoustic or electric, should have at least a basic understanding of what a truss rod does, how it. Neck too concave adjust truss rod nut counterclockwise neck too convex adjust truss rod nut clockwise note. Despite the fact that, until recently, a major instrument manufacturing company included information to the contrary in their support materials. Read taylor s how to adjust truss rod tech sheet on their website. Any budding musician who wants to invest in a guitar, whether acoustic or electric, should have at least a basic understanding of what a truss rod does, how it works, and what you can do with it to improve the feel and sound of your guitar. Despite the fact there is information around the web telling readers to adjust their truss rod to raise or lower action, a truss rod is not for adjusting action.

I had the original black plastic truss rod cover and replaced it with the t3. Grab the taylor truss rod wrench and make sure your guitar is ready to play. Make the adjustment by looking up the neck of the guitar toward the tuning keys. An adjustable truss rod is a slim steel rod embedded in the neck. If thats not needed, then a simple truss rod adjustment will suffice. The action on the upper frets are way too high, and the intonation is way off. Double action truss rod tightens both ways the double action dualfunction system permits accurate adjustments to the neck in both directions. Symptoms of a dry guitar taylor guitars tech sheetpage 2 o f 2 additional information. How to adjust your truss rod check guitar neck relief. It might be because you need to adjust the action of your guitar. When a truss rod nut is difficult to turn it could be that the rod has met its limit of adjustment. A simple guitar tip on how to adjust truss rod of a taylor acoustic guitar. The other end is anchored to give the adjusting end something to tighten against. Normal truss rod adjustments do not require hiring a strong man to turn the wrench.

Seagull guitars employ an advanced double function truss system. The truss rod is one of the simplest parts of the guitar, and also one of the most important. Compact tools for adjusting your guitars truss rods 14 nut driver and phillips screwdriver designed for use with taylor steel string guitars. The truss rod is used to adjust for changes in the neck caused by humidity or changing string gauges. Stepbystep to professional banjo setup by tom nechville. Guitar truss rod adjustment basics and diy guide guitar. When adjusting a truss rod, in either direction, you are changing the force applied to the rod. Page 16 truss rod cover illustration 4 remove truss rod cover from headstock. So i took it to my local taylor dealer who promptly unscrewed the truss rod cover at the head stock end of the neck and there it was, the adjustment nut, in. When the truss rod is too tight, the neck bows backward.

These are the adjustment of the truss rod and the bridge saddles. I mainly use ebony, rosewood, and koa, for the covers, but have a good selection of woods to use if there is something different youd. A truss rod is an interior metal bar running the entire length of a guitars neck. On many guitars the hex bolt used for trussrod adjustment is easy to locate. Heres how to evaluate and adjust your electric or acoustic. Guitar truss rod adjustment guide which way to turn, adjust relief.

Depending on the model, truss rod adjustments on guild guitars are made either beneath the truss rod cover on the headstock figure 1 or inside the soundhole at the other end of the neck figure 2. You might need to do an acoustic guitar truss rod adjustment for a couple of reasons. In this diy installment, we cover the basics of truss rod adjustment and share tips on optimizing neck relief. Heres the real deal a 1964 fender stratocaster with a broken truss rod. Through practice, you will find that you can compensate for seasonal changes, different string gauges, different playing styles, and slightly worn frets simply by adjusting the truss rod. I just bought a used baby taylor lefty, and looks like it needs a truss rod adjustment. You can adjust the truss rod with a nut located at one end. Taylor s have one bolt that holds the neck on, and two shims, one vertical, one horizontal, to adjust the neck angle. There are or were, i havent looked in a while very good instructions on adjusting the tr on taylor s web site in the faq. Every string rings like a bell from the first fret up to the neck joint.

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