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Following is a stepbystep guide to help you create a unique yardage book of your own. Best approach has been producing the finest yardage guides in the business since 1994. Below is an image of the finished yardage book, although i do intend to refine it with time and make it neater etc. I can quickly pull it out, determine the slope and aim accordingly. Most of the time these booklets will fit in the back of your pocket. Now you can start mapping your next round with golf steadys track notes. Please visit 3 up golf to learn more about the tutorials. Brickley golf handcrafted yardage book covers and scorecard. I like to use one to know where badgood misses are on a course ive never played i. Therefore i wanted to go in detail about how to make.

Were leading the evolution of online golf instruction with classes featuring everything from driving for distance to course strategy to mental skills to playing clutch, and we believe the university course format. The steps in outlining your course comes down to the level of detail you want. Im assuming its distances from tee to layup or carry bunkers. Thing is, ive never used a yardage book, and am not sure what the most useful info would be. I have seen what a yardage book should look like and have the range finder and other tools for the job. Also, even if the golf course provides a lot of detailed information, you cant whip it out of your back pocket, flip to the hole, check it, scribble notes, and put it away in seconds while the player before you tees off like you can with the yardage book i made from the template. Show the entire hole including tee boxes on par 3s. Basic charts may assist a casual player, while the most advanced charts are designed to help professional golfers choose clubs and develop playing strategies on the course.

Founder mike howell developed a reputation for excellence in graphics, service and printing that grew best approach into the worlds largest producer of yardage guides. Its been a long time coming, but my tutorial series on creating your own golf yardage book has been completely revamped. On past threads there was only some instruction on. The yardages on the dots withing 100 yards or so to the hole indicate distance from the dot to the front edge of the green. Basically i listed every yardage in 10 yard increments from 70 to 250 yards, and worked out how far away i would be from the flag or green if i was 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 50. Nov 24, 2019 best golf scorecard and yardagebook holders. Mar 03, 2010 the golf course i recently started working for likes the idea i had for making a yardage book for the course that can be sold at the pro shop. Get input from your golf professionals and other team members to ensure that they get a chance to provide feedback. The best part about making yardage or green reading books comes in chapter 6, outlining the courses features that you want to include. Make a yardage book for your golf course with our how to. This pocketsized, super handy booklet or pamphlet basically contains detailed illustrations of all holes present on the golf course.

Golf pro tips for using a yardage book golf channel. Basically i listed every yardage in 10 yard increments from 70 to 250 yards, and worked out how far away i would be from the flag or green if i was 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 50 yards left or right from a point measured in said. Dec 08, 2018 learn how yo create your own pga type golf yardage books. The process of making your own yardage book can be fun and act as a chance to study your course management skills. It does take some time to make a yardage book, as opposed to just using your smart phone golf app. Making your own yardage book will give you the opportunity to customize the yardages and shots to your specific game. It was mostly from the tutorial over on 3 up golf as is stated else where in the comments here. The yardage books are made and if not used, they are store in. Homemade yardage book yardage books dont exist for my course, but the on course distance markers seem to be pretty accurate as best as i can tell. Coobs golf custom shop collection of personalized yardage books, headcovers, leather goods and other golf accessories. Horween collection leather golf scorecard holder yardage book in chromexel dark brown.

This book has a club yardage chart on the inside front cover, a legend and a stat tracker for up to 4 rounds in the back. All of our products are made from scratch, per your design, starting with a genuine leather. The full page size has a single golf hole on a each sheet of printer paper. Jul 16, 2017 a yardage book is like a golfers diary, if you will. One of the clubs actually bought the rights to my book free jr. Most of the time i use a laser, but before i decided to buy one i used a strokesaver yardage book, plus a yardage matrix that i created when i had an anorak evening. Diy yardage book after playing some of my best rounds in league play the past few weeks by playing smart golf. You can measure the distances by pacing from markers on the course once you have. Google earth can be a very helpful tool for capturing images of the golf course and importing them into inkscape and starting work on them. Only because yardage books make life a whole lot simpler, and the game a whole lot easier.

Being a 5 handicap and a traditional, i like to play by the yardage book and feel. Anyone make their own yardage books for tournaments. Since its a bit very good muni course there isnt one already available, their website doesnt include any sort of hole by hole info, and i cant. A yardage book is like a golfer s diary, if you will. Brickley golf specializes in handcrafted leather golf scorecard holders, yardage book covers, and quality golf accessories. The size of each design is to scale with both our my caddie tour and my caddie pro diy yardage books. You can protect against rain, sweat, sunscreen, folding, bending and more. Need gifts for the office secret santa, birthday or valentines day, your yardage book will look great and make you stand out from all the other golfers. I then used a paper slicer or guillotine to cut the pages into the correct lengths and then fold them in the middle. A couple months before i entered for the first time. We have been able to use our combined 50 years of caddying on the pga, and lpga tours as our guide to making a professional, quality yardage book that has everything the competitive golfer needs.

A good yardage book is as much about strategy as it is distance. The yardage book app enables you to tour every hole at thousands of courses across the us and the world, from topranked clubs like augusta national and pine valley to your local public facility. It will tell you the best places to hit the ball and the places you want to avoid. Personally, the greatest benefit was curing my fear of going over water, gorges, and other hazards right off the tee. Jun 23, 2017 anyone make their own yardage books for tournaments.

The bluegolf app overlays a yardage book on top of a satellite image so you are looking at distances on the actual hole. Apr 12, 2018 a yardage book is a small booklet or pamphlet that contains illustrations, pictures, or diagrams of each hole on a golf course. Yardage books compiled by players or their caddies offer details about a golf course that go far beyond the numbers youll find on a scorecard or a sprinkler head. Your yardage book can be personalized with your business logo, therefore making it one of a kind. This is where i keep all my free courses, paid courses, books, articles and downloads. Complete instructions for creating your very own yardage book just like the ones you see pga tour pros use on tv. Make your own golf course yardage book by matt canham, instructions each hole does not have to be drawn to scale, but needs to accurately indicate hazards, their distances and details of each green. Handmade leather golf scorecard holder yardage book in horween essex tobacco. Those numbers, from top to bottom, represent yardage to the center of the green, yardage from the tee box, and yardage to the front of the green. Use the ruler function make sure you set to yards to measure distances from the back of the tee box to important points. They will also fit in and look great in your back pocket. Imagine being able to whip out your yardage book before a shot, pin point your landing area, dial in your exact yardages, and even nail down your club selection. This book is made from heavy stock paper and measures 6. How to make a yardage book play like the pros with this stepbystep guide to creating your own pga tourlike yardage guide.

Our tutorials will be sent instantly to your inbox. Are you wanting to make your own yardage book but feel your drawing skills arent up to par. How to read golf course layout yardage charts golfweek. This amazing course management system will help you diagram how you want to play each hole. To make a coherent, useful, and eyecatching yardage book, make sure you understand what the overall aesthetic, look, and feel of your yardage book will be before you start. How to make professional golf yardage books pga tour style. Save 6 to 10 strokes by understanding how to read a golf hole, recognize defensive features like bunkers, trees, water, mounds, swales, rough, and wind, identify opportunities and risks, determine landing areas and approach angles, and make better strategic decisions. Giving golfers the knowledge they need to be successful is essential for creating an incredible player experience, plus it makes your golf course. The diy yardage book used by more amateurs, collegiate golfers, lpga and pga professionals than any other brand. How to make a golf course yardage book mark wilkinson. Anyone else here try making their own yardage book. Our team at precise yardage books offer our customers unparalleled experience in professional and amateur golf. Remember, this is an extremely practical purchase youre making.

Instant access to the latest news, videos and photos from around the world of golf. Using it to verify what i thought was the proper slope has helped my overall green reading abilities. Improve your golf course strategy and lower your score. To make a full page yardage book, just print each page, staple together and youre finished. Hello guys so i wanted to help people out who want to make a yardage book for a course. How to make a golf yardage book table of contents jim fyruk once said build a professional yardage book. Yardage book cover fully custom design your own coobs golf.

Horween collection leather golf scorecard holder yardage book in dublin navy. The diy yardage book makes a g reat golf gps or rangefinder companion booklet the doityourself yardage and strategy book for the competitive golfer its like have a tour caddy in your pocket joe davidson danbury, ct. I could use some help on actually making the book, my plans thus far are. Using my new strackaline green reading book at my home course has been great. The yardage book andor course guide maps out each hole and lists the distances from the tee and to the hole from various places. Whenever i travel to courses, i make sure to pick up a yardage book in the pro shop before setting out. Basically i listed every yardage in 10 yard increments from 70 to 250 yards, and worked out how far away i would be from the flag or green if i was 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 50 yards left or right from a point measured in said strokesaver book. Using a yardage book helps you plan out your shots, instead of just hitting shots. Checking your features on the course once you have marked on the features and the distances, next time you actually go out on the course you want to then check those features. On par 4s and 5s, start your yardage book from the area where your drive normally lands. Our americanmade yardage book covers are entirely handmade from start to finish and will easily hold your yardage book, pencil, pin sheet and scorecard.

Both our my caddie tour and our my caddie pro yardage books conform with the rules of golf. Read this article to get some suggestions for improving your game and becoming successful at golf. After playing some of my best rounds in league play the past few weeks by playing smart golf. Horween collection leather golf scorecard holder yardage book in dublin black. The tutorials are now a complete online class, with a membersonly forum, templates, and more. Print out the foldable yardage book, using the print feature in the adobe reader. The book is a total of 40 pages to draw all 18 holes. Jul 07, 2019 the print templates for my completed yardage book. The yardage book app is gpsenabled, so distances to all course features greens, targets, bunkers, hazards, etc. Trim off the white area to the right of the dashed box. Personally, the greatest benefit was curing my fear of going over. We hand stitch them using the saddle stitch technique which increases durability for long life.

We show you how to print your yardage book and use it on the course. Follow along as you watch video tutorials outlining every step. Learn how yo create your own pga type golf yardage books. Watching golf on tv, i always wondered what the pros were looking at. The yardage book i have sorry, dont have a scanner is black and white drawing. For the weekend golfer, a yardage book can be a source of information that can be used to jot down notes and club selection on a specific hole over time. If you havent judged the different elevations or the firmnesssoftness of the greens on your home course in a yardage book, then youre making a. This is a great feature that is not available in a traditional paper yardage book. There is a local municipal course in my area that hosts an amateur tournament every july. On past threads there was only some instruction on how to make one and i. Golf course yardage book illustrations for southwinds golf course by bench craft company benchcraftcompany.

Ive decided that i really need a yardage book for the course that we are playing. A look inside dustin johnsons pebble beach yardage book. Gtc took the most common shapes of greens, fairways and bunkers and created stencils. Golf digest calls it the yardage book for the rest of us. Using a yardage book will help you play faster and take less strokes. Yardage books dont exist for my course, but the on course distance markers seem to be pretty accurate as best as i can tell. Being the person i am, i really didnt think about it before suggesting it. I grew up with yardage books and made my own for the half dozen or so courses i played through high school. T he use of golf laser range finders or gps devices are illegal on the pga tour and many other amateur and professional golf tournaments. Flipem, turnem, trace them and you get different angles and designs to work from.

This was 3 pages with the top row one side of the paper and the bottom row on the other. Professional golfers are use yardage books in competition because it gives them the most information. Give your golfer a personalized your yardage book with your companys logo on the back cover. On past threads there was only some instruction on how to make one and i took on the task to learn how to make one as a school project. I use yardage books as reference to keep me in the moment and the task at hand. I got bored because my golf trip isnt until march 9th, and i didnt know if the courses ill play sell yardage books.

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