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The new edition continues to present basic principles which can be applied to all situations, but has been revised to take account of the changes that have. Ppt extension teaching methods hudu zakaria academia. Pdf many different agricultural extension models have been utilized in. Agricultural extension is the term used to describe the process by which rural people are persuaded. Analysis of extension systems in uganda for identification of suitable extension approaches for scalingup trees for food security project in eastern uganda joel buyinza, jude sekatuba, hillary agaba, ruth kinuthia and evelyne kiptot. The first two approaches have been applied in the past, while the general agricultural extension approach is the current extension approach. Henry mahoo irrigation and water resources expert sua morogoro 3 dr. Participation in social group and wellbeing status of rural women in oyo.

Alternative models have emerged that recognise other actors than. Indeed, the best form of extension teaching is one when the learners are learning on their own. Current concepts and approaches in agricultural extension. Principles of agricultural extension arid agriculture. National agricultural extension systems reform initiative. Many different agricultural extension models have been utilized in developing countries in order to bring about rural development. Jones is senior lecturer, agricultural extension and rural development department, and chris garforth is senior lecturer and head of the agricultural extension and rural development department, both at the university of reading, united kingdom. The general agricultural extension approach is the.

Importance of agricultural extension evidence from many countries show that agricultural extension is a propoor public investment. It is expected that extension programmes will help increase farm productivity, farm revenue, reduce poverty and minimize food insecurity. Training manual for extension staff and farmers list of contributors no. Chapter 2 alternative approaches to organizing extension. Transformation of agricultural extension under participatory district planning. Current concepts and approaches in agricultural extension in. If we think of learning methods instead of teaching methods, we will be able to choose methods which the learners will be able to continue to use between classes, out of class, when we are not present. If you are facing any problem than fill form contact us. Enhancing farmers and agricultural workers livelihoods is essential to addressing rural.

Agricultural extension manual for extension workers. Credit seminar on innovative extension approaches in india for effective outreach alok kumar sahoo roll20509 m. Agricultural extension strategy whose vision is to ensure ideal conditions for the dissemination and exchange of information between producers, farmer organizations and other different partners in order to transform and to modernise the agricultural sector so that. Jun 22, 2015 the birth of modern agricultural extension services the first agricultural extension service of a modem kind came into existence as the result of a crisis and the initiative of the occupant of a high office of authority. Although the following classification, made primarily for agriculture, is not complete and the distinctions between the types are not absolute, it gives an idea of the possibilities and opportunities that exist for the extension planner and for the policy and decisionmaker at the national level. Feb 04, 2017 innovative extension approaches in india 1.

This model for extension, however, is becoming outdated in the more competitive, marketoriented climate of todays agriculture. Socialcognitive factors influencing household decisions to grow orangefleshed sweet potato in uganda. Driven approaches to agriculture extension citeseerx. Agricultural extension activity is important agrarianpolitical instrument of the state which stimulates the development of agricultural production. Get the latest books from publishers such as asia tech publications, teri press, phi learning at best price.

Marandu plant breeder mafc drd 5 said yongolo asst director. Agricultural extension and its effects on farm productivity. In africa there is an estimated 1 extension worker per 4,000 farmers, compared with 1 per 200 hundred farmers in developed countries. Approaches to agricultural extension delivery the general agricultural extension approach, training and visit approach, farming systems research approach. Uwe jens nagel is a professor of agricultural extension and communication.

Buy agriculture extension textbooks, lecture notes, sample papers online at kopykitab. In agricultural extension, there are also certain principles on which the subject matter is based on. Extension education theoretical framework extension manual em 0220 with criterion referenced assessment tools for more information on this and other topics visit the university of maryland extension website at. Analysis of extension systems in uganda for identification of. In kenya, numerous approaches have been tried with varying success. Traditional extension systems focus on increasing agricultural productivity, use a topdown approach and often emphasise the transfer of technology. The crisis was the outbreak of potato blight in europe in 1845. Cost sharing cost recovery approach, commodity specific approach, farmer field schools, convergence of sciences and innovation systems approaches. Current extension service models, what works and what does. These other extension methods were often used in combination with the f2f.

Agricultural extension is the application of scientific research and new knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education. Extension approaches of selected development organizations. Building on the previous editions, communication for rural innovation maintains and adapts the insights and conceptual models of value today, while reflecting many new ideas, angles and modes of thinking concerning how agricultural. Byrnes, usda economic integration and free trade advisor, usaid. The contents are provided free for noncommercial purpose such as teaching, training, research, extension and self learning. Dimensions of agriculture extension pdf book agrimoon. Sustainable agricultural development is very important for the security of rural livelihood. Agricultural extension is an ongoing process that communicate useful information to the people and assist them to use the information or technology to improve the quality of their life, their families and communities. In this chapter, extension approaches are presented in terms of their most important organizational forms and their respective goals. During the 1960s and 1970s, staterun, statefunded agricultural extension and advisory services played a key role in increasing agricultural productivity.

However, structural adjustment programmes during the 1980s and 1990s led to a significant decline in the funds available and farmers suffered as a result. This chapter outlines the main extension methods which can be used and contains some guidance on how to choose appropriate methods for different target groups. Chapter 1 the history, development, and future of agricultural extension. Pdf agricultural extension approaches to enhance the. Principles, philosophy processes and objectives of extension according to mildred horton 1952, the four great principles underlying extension services are. Agriculture extension books pdf, lecture notes, sample papers. These principles guide the agricultural extension officer and service provider to work in an organized way to ensure smooth flow of agricultural extension service at the door step of farmers. Agricultural extension is an important tool for rural development, especially in less industrialized counties extension workers play a vital role in educating farmers to produce better crops and more productive animals at lower cost.

To discuss history of agricultural extension in the world and. Global approaches to extension practice gaep, a publication of the department of agricultural extension, federal university of technology, owerri, imo state, nigeria is an international journal which considers articles from all areas of agricultural extension. The field of extension now encompasses a wider range of communication and learning activities organized for rural people by educators from different disciplines, including agriculture, agricultural marketing, health, and business studies. Name title institution 1 dr hussein mansoor asst director crop research mafcdrd 2 prof. Ppt agricultural extension powerpoint presentation free. The family is the first training group of the human race. Second, the poor performance of some public extension programs, as reflected by the slow adoption of extension messages, has spurred the search for alternative approaches to improve extension services.

Agricultural and rural extension worldwide food and agriculture. The type of service, and the way in which it is provided, is given in two ways extension events planned in advance which form the annual extension plan. The proportion of agriculture budgets allocated to extension services varies from country to country, for example, from 5% in zambia to 50% in. Some of the trends like the recognition of the importance of farmers itk, strengthening of. Effective extension approaches for sustainable agricultural. Agricultural extension service has to be competent in agricultural skills, to communicate efficiently with producers and stimulate them to acquire new knowledge. Vol 24, no 1 2020 open access subscription or fee access. Oct 19, 2018 in agricultural dependent economies, extension programmes have been the main conduit for disseminating information on farm technologies, support rural adult learning and assist farmers in developing their farm technical and managerial skills. The innovative extension approach should be on capacity building, peoples participation along. Emerging agricultural extension approach among local ghanaian. To stimulate students interest and understanding about the concept and practice of extension and the need for extension in agricultural development 2. The basic philosophy of agricultural extension as well as methods of operation have.

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