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Taken directly from the polycom rss 4000 system user guide, page 5354. Nagios plugins for monitoring videoconferencing hardware, software, and services. Level 1 technical recording, streaming and content management v2 page 3 of 14 2 features realpresence media suite there are four versions of the realpresence media suite appliance version. This particular page contains a full list of all snmp mibs from polycom, inc. Realpresence resource manager collaboration device. Polycom rss 4000 5 ports video conferencing device. Polycom rss 2000 user guide clary business machines.

Collaboration server 4000 physical dimensions h x w x d, power and architecture. The polycom rss 2000 can be fully integrated with other polycom products such as the polycom rmx 2000 and polycom hdxs, and is compatible with devices supporting the h. Realpresence trio 8800 systems using polycom uc software 5. This tutorial will show you how to break any carrierlocked software on a polycom soundpoint ip330 ip phone. It is advisable to mount the polycom rss in a server rack though, as its ventilation is very loud. Polycom devices running firmware version 3 and lower must connect to a server to update. Polycom realpresence collaboration server 180020004000.

Choose a suitable location for the equipment rack that will hold the polycom rss 4000 unit and is near a grounded power outlet. Unfortunately, the polycom firmware on these phones doesnt support snmp so my. Keep the area around the polycom rss 4000 unit clean, free of clutter, and well ventilated. Uses the video conferencing network as the production. Communicating over voice and video networks are core to your organizations efficiency and it is important to manage both the networks and devices to support your organization as it evolves with. The polycom rss 4000 is a centralized server for recording, streaming, and archiving multimedia conferences. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we. After any polycom rss 4000 system software upgrade or software downgrade, you need to clear the internet explorer caches delete all temporary internet explorer files, close and restart the internet explorer to ensure the normal operation of the polycom rss 4000 system. Polycom realpresence immersive studio provides a specially designed environment where every detail is perfected to create a visual, audio and content sharing experience that is so real, you forget about the. These release notes describe new features and open and closed hardware and software caveats for the cisco telepresence system software release tx 6. Verify your account to enable it peers to see that you are a professional. I recently setup a monitoring on my network to monitor network bandwidth, to do this i am using snmp. The eula for your version is available on the polycom. Most of them are detected in spiceworks, and only about half of them are correctly identified using the snmp account for the ip range i have.

Data sheet polycom realpresence collaboration server polycom realpresence collaboration server 1800 polycom realpresence collaboration server 2000 polycom realpresence collaboration server. Snmp support for soundpoint ip phones poly community. Keep the area around the polycom rss 4000 unit clean, free of clutter, and. For the latest software releases and documentation of the following products, please visit harmans website. Certain software programs or portions thereof included in the product may contain software distributed under third party agreements third party components, which may contain terms that expand or limit.

Unfortunately, the polycom firmware on these phones doesnt support snmp so my network management system cant properly identify and monitor these network devices. Snmp polycom converged management application cdr api support international languages 17 rss 2000 integration. Note a copy of source code used in this product that is licensed under the general public license version 2. This version is not available for polycom rss 2000. The realpresence collaboration server rmx 1800, 2000, 4000, and virtual edition multipoint control. Polycom rss 4000 system user guide installation 2 polycom inc. We have 6 polycom rss 4000 manuals available for free pdf download. Tthe rss 4000 is snmpcapable for monitoring and remote control. Documents and downloads uc infrastructure polycom rss 4000. Collaboration server rmx 20004000 hardware software version support.

Polycom rss 4000 system user guide installation 2 polycom, inc. New features in polycom wave 6 release graham walsh blog. Effective january 2018, support and development of polycom s video content management vcm portfolio has transitioned to harman connected services. To activate and install polycom rss 4000 software upgrades and options.

Default version for snmp agent and traps should be snmpv3, not. Although the procedure hasnt been tested on other phones in the same. For more information about using the features described in this document, refer to the product documentation available at. Version 4 and later of the firmware can update from the devices configuration web page. I have also tested the auth with mib browser from the toolset. Defining the snmp parameters in the collaboration server. Polycom rss 4000 integrates with the polycom video media center vmc to automatically import and publish recordings and widely broadcast live streams. Collaboration server rmx 4000 multiple services configuration. For more information about using the features described in this document, refer to the product documentation. Reinstall the firmware on a soundpoint ip330 telzio.

Download the software update file from the polycom web site. The current version of the software for most soundpoint ip phones on the boot server is 4. The system uploads the package and performs the upgrade automatically. Installation follow these rules to ensure general safety.

The installation into a server rack was not tested. However, the rvs4000 only seems to show the following interfaces along with 4 ipsec. The hdx 4000 series leverages decades of design innovation and the legendary quality of polycom to deliver the premium desktop system for rich media communication. Polycom realpresence collaboration server rmx series.

Configuration security avaya ethernet routing switch. The polycom hdx 4000 series is a powerful desktop video conferencing system designed for todays professionals. Open source software used in this product this product may contain open source software. Snmp management diagnostics and software upgrades via pc, lan software upgrades via isdn call. Snmp support for soundpoint ip phones i have over 100 polycom soundpoint ip phones on my network. The polycom rss 4000 server is a network appliance that records and streams video calls that can be. The polycom rss 4000 is a networkbased device for recording, archiving and streaming telepresence and video conferences on desktops, in conference. Polycom rss 4000 5 ports video conferencing device series sign in to comment. Use of this software constitutes acceptance of the term s and conditions of the polycom dma 7000 system enduser license agreement eula. Presentation from tx9x00 endpoints to polycom hdx 4000 endpoints. Realpresence collaboration serverrmx 180020004000 version 8.

The test was performed with the software version 8. To restore the system to the factory default status. Collect your license number and system serial numbers. Snmp tool and config example for ers 40005000 series. For a snmp tool, i like the ireasoning mib browser, personal edition. Release notes for cisco telepresence system software. Default password is polycom, the command to change the ip.

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